Inspiradex Cards

Introducing Inspiradex, the inspirational recognition and reward system for employees. The only index card system that allows managers and supervisors to recognize and reward their employee’s efforts and accomplishments.

The system provides employees with a feelgood program that instills validation, recognition, inspiration, and motivation to meet and exceed their objectives.

Inspiradex cards, are individually colored in the six colors of the rainbow, and presented to employees each time they reach or exceed goals and objectives.

You start with red, and move to orange, yellow, green, blue, and finally purple. Once the employee reaches the purple Inspiradex Card, they are rewarded to a day off, or a gift of the employer’s choosing. You may offer a gift or incentive at any color stage, and that is up to each employer.

There are three sets of Inspiradex Cards. The first set are trimmed in Bronze, so there are six Inspiradex colors trimmed in bronze. The second set is trimmed in silver, and the final set, trimmed in gold, signifying that they have reached the top of their game. Rewards are offered once the employee reaches the purple Inspiradex Card in each of the three sets, and the reward can be anything the employer chooses, but it’s imperative that the reward be one worthy of the employees efforts once they’ve reached the Silver and Gold levels. A clear epoxy box, placed on their desk, to show-off their efforts, houses the Inspiradex Cards.

The Inspiradex Cards come in printer-friendly sheets so you can print off or write a message with easy tear-away edges. They’re fun, inspiring and motivational, and it’s amazing how far a little recognition can go.

The Inspiradex Recognition & Reward Cards.




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